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Monday, February 6, 2012

Chips and Queso

Queso(sounds  like K-So) is a Spanish word for 'Cheese'.It is very popular in Texas,particular South Texas,which is not far from the Border of Mexico.South Texas cuisine is  heavily influenced by their Mexican neighbor. So much so,there is a term coined just for that kind of cuisine 'Tex Mex'.It also happens to be my favorite  after Indian of course.
                    I do not remember when i had Queso for the first time but whenever i did,i became a  fan of it.Also, since its SO EASY to put it all together,it makes regular appearance at the parties around here.
You can make 'Queso' using couple different kind of cheeses.For my superbowl party,i went to the easiest of the routes.Yes the Velveeta Route.There isn't really a recipe for this dish.
  • 2 lb.(32Oz.) Block of Velveeta Cheese
  • 1 can of Rotel Tomato

Cut the block of Velveeta in manageable size of pieces,to fit your pot.Add the can of tomato and keep stirring the mixture at slow heat until its all melted and mixed.It takes may be 7-10 minutes.Serve it with Tortilla Chips.
Side Notes :
- You can add meat or couple different  kind of chopped veggies to it.Name of the dish gets updated based on your choice of  ingredient.
-You can use any diced tomato with green pepper.I used Rotel brand of canned tomatoes ,it has chopped onions and mild green peppers added to it.
-As it cools,cheese solidifies.So keep it in warmer to maintain the thin consistency.
-Believe it or not,it took me a while to make good queso.You must be thinking really?How can you mess this up?I did.Then i watched my sister in law making it at some occasion.Yes the key is "Keep Stirring" and not leave the site of stove while you are making it.

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