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Friday, February 3, 2012

Wok roasted chicken with leftover rice remake

I wasn't planning on roasting,since i had roasted the night before and i had some leftover chicken,though not enough for complete meal.So i decided to do something little different.
           Long time ago i had watched this show called 'Just cook this : Sam the cooking guy',yeah i am cooking show junkie,i admit.It aired  cooking whole chicken in Wok.

Since then i have experimented it on regular pan and result was good.Now i am a owner of 12" carbon steel wok.Yeah yeah ! And i couldn't wait to try this out.I followed   Mrs Wongs Chicken recipe .Result was amazing.Yes my husband and kids ate it too without complain.                                              
Side Notes :
- It takes little bit of elbow grease to flip the whole chicken without splattering all over your hand.I wore mittens(very rare phenomena,unless i am using oven).I used the back of wooden spatula to put inside the cavity and flipped it.Beware that it does make lots of sound and splatters.But you will do this exercise once-twice only.
-I used regular vegetable oil of course.I cooked it longer then what it says and checked for doneness(skin  pulling out from the legs,falling apart).Also i don't  have broth usually,so the water was just fine.
-Do not forgo sesame oil.Just 1 tsp adds nuttiness and does wonders to your nose and palate.I was too lazy to brush the chicken with it,so i added in dipping sauce instead.
-I tried to use as authentic of Chinese ingredient as i can get.I have been the kind of person who improvise with what i can easily find in my store and sub it.But i have noticed enough difference in taste that i   try not to compromise when it comes to Chinese cooking.

Leftover rice remake : I had the leftover chicken quarters from the night before.I sauted some onions and tomatos in leftover chicken fat and added the  chicken.Added the rice and cooked it as usual.It  turned out to be pleasantly nice.

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