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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Zero rated Lentil and Rice

Yes that was in the dinner list last night  and it was rated zero by my 2 and half year old son.No he didn't say that but thats what  he meant.He rolled his tongue on the first spoon and try to shake it off ferociously, looking at me in utter disgust,as if i have put hay and grass on his plate.
Me and my daughter ate this just fine.Its not a fried rice,so its fairly bland tasting just by itself.Its suppose to get mixed with the chicken gravy with every spoonful.
Daal Chawal
Well i didn't think that i would  get not so happy verdict when i thought of making it.I had the full intention of making just the regular rice but when i walked to my pantry,jar of lentils stared at me and begged me to be used.I just simply obliged thinking little bit of extra protein doesn't hurt and besides they have better chances of  getting  consumed in this house,if they are mixed with rice as one dish.

I was born and brought up in India. Daal("Lentil") and Chawal("Rice" ) is staple Indian food.Must admit,i did not like 'Daal' growing up.Its rich in Protein,just like beans. Most of the Indians being vegetarian,it fulfills that need. Some lentils are eaten with their skin on and some off.Those with paper skin on, gives it more of granular,fibrous and hearty texture as suppose to smooth with skin off .Dishes are characterized differently as they are used.Most commonly they are used un-skinned in Indian cooking.

This is what went into it,all cooked together for 20 mins.

  • Rice : 1 cup
  • Yellow Mung Lentil :1/2 cup (it should have been 1/4 cup)
  • handful of peas(little bit of green doesn't hurt)
  • couple chunks of chopped tomatoes.
  • 1 tsp of olive oil(optional)
  • Salt to your taste.

This is how you say it(Yes,i am kinda finicky about saying it as its suppose to be).You can totally ignore it.
 Mung - sounds like short  'Moo' of cow sound. JOINED with 'ang' (g like Gorilla not Angelina).Yes this is what is sprouted green skin on and sold as 'bean sprouts' which you use in your stir fry.Its often misspoken as  type of  beans but i have known it as lentil only ,they both are legumes,we can agree on.
                                                             Mung with skin off

Daal -  like 'tall' but instead of 't' sound ,you are saying 'the' with 'aal',opening your mouth as in 'la la la'.
Chawal - "cha" like 'cha cha cha' dance and 'wal' NOT like 'Wall" ,you do not open your mouth as big,its short.


  1. Humble Daal Chawal a bit of raw onion, a green chilli and pickles...and i am a happy man.

  2. Dal Chawal is pan Indian staple husband often says..satisfaction to Dal Chawal mein hi jo jata hai..aur kissi dish ki jarorrat nahi...